Bouquetin à Champagny le Haut en SAVOIE LIBRE

Bouquetin à Champagny le Haut en SAVOIE LIBRE

mercredi 29 octobre 2008


L'ECHO des MONTAGNES, dans le légitime but de vous informer, vous rappelle les histoires de sexe de DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN, et l'affaire du détournement de 3,4 billions de dollar de la GUERRE DU GOLFE.
Attention ceci est en version anglaise, obligée pour informer les puritains d'américains de la Boucherie.
Jean-Charles Duboc a ajouté un nouveau commentaire sur votre message blog "STRAUSS-KAHN, CONQUÊTES PARISIENNES,TRISTANE BANON..." :

Ci-joint le communiqué de presse envoyé au Wall Street Journal et à d'autres journaux US.


PRESS RELEASE: Strauss Kahn new sex scandal in Paris


By Jean-Charles DUBOC
Retired B747 captain (Air France)


A new scandal rises in Paris past few days about the conduct of IMF’s chief Straus Kahn with a young journalist, Tristane Banon, who he allegedly sexually assaulted.

The case is described in a video taken during a lunch organized by French journalist Thierry Ardisson:

During the discussion, Tristane Banon described Strauss Kahn as a "chimpanzee in rut," aggressive and violent, and Roger Hanin, famous French actor, said he is "capable of anything."

The case spreads gradually in the French web.

A second scandal is also available on the Internet.

It is the information about the Gulf War (1991) indemnities given to France (3,5 billions $) by Arabs countries and which have been stolen by François Mitterrand:

In fact, Strauss Kahn has covered this scandal when he was French Finance minister in 1998:

An association of French former officers (UNSOR) asked on august 12, 2008, to Christine Lagarde, French minister of Economy, explanations on the accusations. The answer of the Ministry of Economy is that “it is impossible to confirm or deny the allegations”.

Jean-Charles Duboc

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