Bouquetin à Champagny le Haut en SAVOIE LIBRE

Bouquetin à Champagny le Haut en SAVOIE LIBRE

dimanche 7 décembre 2014


The White House, Washington
Hi, all --
Homero Magaña moved to America with his family from a small town in Mexico in 1993. Growing up in California, where his father was an agricultural worker, Homero had the chance to attend a summer program focused on preparing students for higher education. This program inspired Homero to go to college, and years later, he earned a graduate degree in school counseling.

Today, Homero serves as a professional school counselor at Moorpark High School, ensuring that his students -- many of them first-generation Americans -- can dream as big as they want when it comes to higher education. Earlier today, he joined me at the College Opportunity Day of Action.

We know that higher education is the key to success in today's economy, and every young person in America deserves the kind of opportunities that Homero had to fulfill his potential and contribute to our country. But right now, too many students simply aren't getting what they need to prepare for college.

Many students don't know what classes to take, or how to prepare themselves for the SAT or ACT. They might not even know that they're eligible for financial aid, so they just assume they can't afford college and don't even bother to apply.
This is why I started the Reach Higher initiative -- to help give our young people the resources and opportunities they need to take charge of their education.

We all have a part to play in ensuring that more of our kids are college-ready. Will you join me and Barack by pledging to help make college a reality for even one young person in your community?

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As kids take more responsibility for their future, it's on every single one of us to help them get there. And today, some of our nation's top leaders in education pledged to make commitments to help young people across the country graduate from high school and pursue higher education.
We know that helping young people get to college is critical not just for their future, but for the future of our country.
That's why the President has worked so hard to expand access to higher education. He's increased Pell Grants by $1,000 a year. He's created the new American Opportunity Tax Credit that's worth up to $10,000 over four years of college. He's capped student loan payments, so that young graduates pay what they can afford.

Today's commitments represent the next step in increasing college opportunity. Click here to learn more -- then pledge to help get involved.

Thank you,
First Lady Michelle Obama
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